Saturday, November 5, 2011

Romantic Date in Los Angeles: Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is a great place to take your date if you're in Los Angeles. Located by Dodger Stadium, the Observatory sits high on a mountain top overlooking the bright night lights of LA.

We went around 7pm to catch a showing in the observatory and get a good look of LA. It was worth it. There isn't much to see as far as exhibits go, they are sorta boring. What people really go there for is the scenery and the planetarium shows.The shows are $7 and there a few to choose from. They run about 30 minutes long.

Parking and admission are free, so this is definitely a nice place to go during the summer time, or when its not too chilly at night. We definitely enjoyed our short stay at the Griffith Observatory and recommend anyone on a budget come here as well!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Special Gift Idea: Breakfast in Bed Photo Tray

My girlfriend and I love to eat in bed and just lye down right after we eat and watch TV. For Valentines day, I got her (us) a couple of these photo frames which are really bed trays so we could eat in bed (for whatever meal) and not have to worry about accidents. This made things much easier.
I put some photos I had picked out in the windows of our most happiest times together. She loved it. Now, every time we eat, she is reminded of how much of a sweetheart I am. Pretty awesome idea, right?!

The photo tray I got is from Bed Bath and Beyond 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Groupon: Good Deals on Food & Activities

Groupon is a great way to get ideas for new places to eat and activities to do in your respective area. I am always trying to find new places to eat or visit or try out... and Groupon makes it easier on the wallet when doing so. Everyone could afford to save a few bucks (or $40) depending on the Groupon, and if you are the one reponsible for paying for most of the date, you can't afford not to use it!

So far, I have used it on The Farm @ The Grove, Famous Dave's, Go Karting, Bowling and a couple of hotels. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Romantic Date in Los Angeles: The Farm of Bevery Hills (The Grove)

I found this place via Groupon. I thought, "a 3 course meal in Beverly Hills for $40, why not?" Turned out to be a good deal. We had $80 worth of food, so I saved $40 or 50%.

The Grove is a nice place in itself to take your date during the daytime, but it is even more romantic at night. The crisp air and nigh sky filled with light from the surrounding stores makes a nice romantic environment. It can be a little crowded sometimes because it is an outdoor mall, but that is to be expected, especially in Beverly Hills.
After reading some tips on yelp, I decided to take my girlfriend on a nice little dinner. We sat by the fountain which was very romantic. The dancing water added some liveliness and excitement to the dinner. I had the salmon and my lady had the steak. The salmon was a 7/10 nothing to complain about, but nothing to rave about. The steak wasn't bad either, I would give it a 7.5/10.

The service was cool, nothing to complain about there. It's really about the setting that makes this a recommended place to go. You definitely want to make a reservation if you want to sit by the fountain (which is what makes The Farm special).

Here is the restaurants info:
189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 525-1699

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Romantic Date in Los Angeles: Il Cielo in Beverly Hills

Il Cielo is a beautiful restaurant in Beverly Hills which serves Italian and American cuisine. As you can tell from the pictures, the setting is very romantic and intimate. A wonderful place to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife.  I took my girlfriend there for our 2 year anniversary and we had a lovely time. Lots of foliage, dim candle lighting, great service.

We weren't that hungry so we decided to split the 22oz prime rib which was $50. I came with some greens which were sauteed in a garlic sauce. The prime rib was DELICIOUS. It was so soft and tender and had a good seared flavor to it. Excellent piece of meet! I would say it is on par with Fogo de Chao (also an excellent restaurant). We ended the meal with a slice of chocoalte cake which special decorations.

The cake was a nice ending to the meal, it was super great though.

There were a lot of people there at around 7:30pm. The building is sort of off the boulevard, but Il Cielo is no stranger to the Hollywood Elite. Even Kim Kardashian and her sisters as well as Batman, Christian Bale have been seen leaving there.

Il Cielo
9018 Burton Way
Los Angeles CA 90211
(310) 276-9990